Dividing God

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

-Hafiz, most beloved poet of Persia, from The Gift. 

The moon starts singing

When everyone is asleep

And the planets throw a bright robe

Around their shoulders and whirl up

Close to her side.

Once I asked the moon,

“Why do you and your sweet friends

Not perform so romantically like that

To a larger crowd?”

And the whole sky chorus resounded,

“The admission price to hear

The lofty minstrels

Speak of love

Is affordable only to those

Who have not exhausted themselves

Dividing God all day

And thus need rest.

The thrilled Tavern fiddlers

Who are perched on the roof

Do not want their notes to intrude

Upon the ears

Where an accountant lives

With a sharp pencil

Keeping score of words

Another in their great sorrow or sad anger

May have once said

To you.”

Hafiz knows:

The sun will stand as your best man

And whistle

When you have found the courage

To marry forgiveness,

When you have found the courage

To marry


-Hafiz, from The Gift. Translation by Daniel Ladinsky


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