Lived By Our Lives

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Most of us are lived by our lives. Our experiences come and go and we struggle to avoid pain and reach, often desperately, for happiness. We make choices without thinking, which means unconsciously, and so we continue to create what we have created in the past with the same choices. Our lives live us. We are victims of our lives or, at the very best, experiencers of our lives. Auto-pilot is all we know and all we can imagine, even though we long for health, balance, and joy. Someone leaves us and we are sad and look for another person to make us happy. We lose a job, or a partner, or we grow old and we search for another job, replace the partner, and try to stay young, all to feel better about ourselves and safe. Striving to feel valuable and safe is as common to us as water is to a fish or air to a bird in flight.

If we were aware of our emotions, thoughts, and intentions, we could choose whether or not to act on them. For example, we could choose not to shout or withdraw emotionally when we become angry and instead speak and act from more healthy parts of our personality. Making choices like this repeatedly creates authentic power. You strive to change yourself, not other people. Manipulation and control become less important to you than your spiritual growth, or life mastery, and every experience you have offers you an opportunity to develop it. Eventually the need to manipulate and control people and circumstances in order to feel valuable and safe loses its power over you, and then it disappears. You become an artist and your life becomes your canvas. Only you can paint it bright, brilliant, and warm or dark, dim, and cold.

Millions of us are now learning to create authentic power and support others in creating authentic power. Our future, if you choose it, is a world of people creating their experiences consciously, compassionately, and wisely, choice by choice – instead of merely experiencing their lives – and enjoying themselves in ways they could not have imagined.

What is your choice?”

-Gary Zukav


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