25 Things

January 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

25 Things About me (written in 2008)

This little exercise was popular with a lot of my friends on Facebook a few years back. I stumbled upon it today, and it’s almost like looking back in time.

Amazing how our lives, dreams, goals, and perceptions can change over just a few years.

One thing that has changed – well, a lot of things have changed — but one of them, is that I am happily no longer on Facebook.

  I would like to do a new list for 2012, and maybe you should too!

Share it with me if you do.


1)   I think Leonard Cohen got it right when he wrote that “every heart to love will come, but like a refugee”

2)   The existence of a god, that is perfect love, stillness, forgiveness and meaning seems totally logical to me

3)   I am a happy drunk

4)   I experienced love at first sight once in my life, in a state of happy drunkenness

5)   We used to see falling stars in strange places…often

6)   I speak French

7)   I am fearless and outspoken when I see animals or children being abused

8)   I can be shy in totally normal settings which I find frustrating

9)   I am sure we will look back on how we have treated animals as a very dark time in history, for them and for us

10)  I’ve lost a lot of things I’ve loved, for one reason or another

11) I’ve been told I look angry and there is some truth to this, but it’s not the whole story

12) I live in total abundance, and sometimes I’m overcome with gratitude (usually this happens after a very strong cup of coffee).

13)  I feel happy for others when they succeed

14) I lived by myself in Casablanca for 9 months which deeply marked me, for the better and the worse.

15) I think legalizing gay marriage is an awesome achievement that gives me hope we are moving toward an ever-more just world

16) I think the Taxi is a wonderful metaphor for life, a good enough metaphor to have kept my interest since 2004…

17) I talk to my cat constantly

18) I was stung by a queen bee on the sole of my foot on Saltpring Island on January 1st, 2008 and had the worst year of my life.  My (ex)boyfriend was stung by a queen bee on the sole of his foot in Montreal in November 2007.  Both of our bees lived to tell the story.

19)  I’m an introvert who needs to charge her batteries

20)  I’m deeply afraid of loneliness and I have felt lonely on and off for most of my life.

21) I would like to be independently wealthy and I don’t think my lifestyle would change that much, in fact,  come to think of it, I really want this.

22)  If I could have it all this year, I would study philosophy and religion, have a baby and a garden, get married in a tent in Vermont at night under the full moon, walk the Camino de Santiago, do a silent metta retreat with Sharon Salzberg, sip green tea in my garden with Leonard Cohen (just the two of us), ride a Farris wheel with Steven Colbert, adopt a little dog, bake scones, forgive and be forgiven, collect fresh eggs in the morning, thank my grandmothers, get invited to Paris for a workshop with Abbas Kiarostami on a full scholarship, sleep deeply.

23) I have to learn when and how to say no, and have the courage to say so before it’s too late

24) I’m an idealist who can’t keep her house clean.

25) I will laugh at your jokes


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