The Apologies

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week I got two unexpected apologies.  The first came from a friend who called to admit he had told me a lie, and was sorry about it.  The lie was not the kind of lie that rocked my world or devastated me, but it was a lie nevertheless.   I wasn’t sure how to feel, or if I felt anything at all.  There was a part of me that wondered, Who am I to expect the truth?  I’ve been lied to lots of times,  maybe I’ve started to take it for granted.

The second came from a less expected source.  While standing in a public building (I won’t mention which one, but let’s just say it is funded by our tax-paying dollars), I was witness to an unsavoury and offensive conversation going on by the people in charge there.  It occurred to me that some confidentiality was being breached in that room, and by their loud, vexatious and insensitive speak.   I brushed off this conversation as unprofessionalism and carried on my way. I didn’t think about it again.

Later that day, I got a phone call from someone who worked there.  “Ms. Fowles, we’re incredibly sorry.”

“Oh, okay.  Thanks.”

It struck me at the end of the day after I’d had the chance to let these two apologies sink in,  that there are two people in the world who in some ways care about me more than I even care about myself.   That’s the healing power of an apology to let us know we matter.

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