February 26, 2012 § 4 Comments

“Do things always need to be fair?” someone in my life recently questioned.

What an interesting question to ponder.

What is the opposite of fairness?

The opposite of fairness is inequality.

A world of winners and losers.  Where some are better than others, more deserving, more entitled.

The opposite of fairness is humiliation.

The opposite of fairness is anger.

The opposite of fairness happens at the expense of others, even those you love.

Children know this: “It’s not fair!” they cry.

They know what is fair, they are born knowing.

If you believe in god, you might say he has a master plan, you’re not the loser after all, just wait, you’ll see…

You might say there’s a system of equality that can’t be measured, that invisible things count too, like the quality of your spirit, your ability to love

You might have to believe in god just to get through it

What are we telling one another, what are we telling ourselves, what are we telling ourselves about one another, when we say being unfair is okay?


§ 4 Responses to Fairness

  • RD Baba says:

    good questions and topics– among my favorites, but far to big to get into now.
    This is the basis for many religious constructs including karma, heaven and hell, etc. Life is not fair – and we don’t want to accept that, so humans are inclined to invent an unseen “justifier” that delivers the “equalizing consequences” in some other life/death loke/realm. That feels better, doesn’t it?

  • safranfilms says:

    Yes, it lessens the blow of loss. Better to survive through a belief in god, than to collapse because the loss –and what it means about life and other people — is too much to take.

    they say loss brings us closer to god…

  • To judge something as “unfair” we need to know the end result. Many times in our life we think something is unfair, yet it leads us to something that we couldn’t have come to without all the prior events, fair or unfair, that occurred in our life stream. The journey to the ocean is filled with rapids, waterfalls and calm sections. Life is life and it is like the river, it cannot be anything other than what it is. Our true peace and joy come from a place beneath all of the superficial happenings of the life stream – just as the deep water always remains calm.

  • safranfilms says:

    Thank you Kathryn, for reading my blog, and for your healing words.

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