Will you be my Cat?

March 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today, dear readers, you get to witness the depths of my weirdo capabilities!

Here I am in Vancouver, with my favorite furry friend, Micia.  This little cutie went missing mysteriously in the middle of the night way back in September 2010 when I was living in Montreal. I thought I had really lost her, but then, one day twelve months later I got an email. She had been found starving five blocks away from my house and had survived a Montreal winter outdoors, riddled with flees and rootless.  Seven hundred dollars later she was returned to me, flown across the country after -that’s right, after— I had made the definitive move back to the west coast of canada.  This is your classic planes, trains, and automobiles love story.

My life has entered into another period of relative instability these last few weeks, and I am now living in Vancouver.  Rather than leave Michia with house-sitters, I decided to take her with me to the city.  I know, it’s not really fair to transport cats too often, they are very territorial and love their comforts.

To get around the dilemma of What To Do With The Cat, I decided to ask Micia what her preference might be.  This kitty can’t talk, but I do believe animals understand the gist of the energy behind any exchange.

Rather than ask her if she’d be up for a move to Vancouver (too many concepts for a simple kitty), I asked her this:

“Will you be my cat?”

“Who, me?” she seemed to question, humbly caught off guard.

I highly recommend you try this technique (perhaps just in your head and not necessarily out loud) with everyone in your life.  You might find it beautiful, to acknowledge that all the beings in your life — including all your friends, roommates, and all the people in your family — have a choice.  We are deluding ourselves to think that people, cats, dogs, birds, or even hamsters aren’t free.   Every being – from your husband to your daughter to your mother to your budgie — has freedom and autonomy and choice. No one and nothing belongs to us. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful and frightening things about being human.  People come and people go, sometimes they disappear for months, then as if by a miracle return one day; sometimes they don’t come back; and sometimes they never leave us at all, choosing instead to stick around forever.

We can try to keep people or animals in our life, by shutting the door on them, or keeping them on a tight leash, but even this is a false sense of security — who wants a friend just because they feel obligated, or a husband just because he signed a marriage contract?  The irony of it all is that love and freedom are always holding hands, inseparable from each other.

It might feel great to know that everyone in your life has, on some level made a choice to be there and that that’s how precious you are.  Don’t forget, you’ve also made that tender-hearted choice, to be in the lives of others.   These beings are our gifts to us and we are our gifts to them, for each other we make life worth living (whether we see it that way or not).

My kitty is curled up on my bed right now, purring happily.

She’s found herself a “person” for life.

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