Action is Key

March 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love March. March is my month. Two years ago almost to the day, I found a mythical steel goddess bust laying in the sand on my favorite beach.  And we all know what that means, don’t we.  Hmmm, actually, I have no idea.

Last March, I saw an equally incredible thing, the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen, brighter than anything I could have ever imagined, so bright I felt I would fall over with dizziness and awe.  It was as though a unicorn would suddenly gallop by, the colours so close they nearly stained my clothes.

Benevolence, healing, the numinous world, the gifts we have no choice but to accept and have done nothing for.

I look forward to March each year.

The rest of the months don’t always manifest such mysteries.   The rest of the months quite often call for action in order to get what we most desire.

There has been so much emphasis over the last 5-10 years on the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, which posit that we can think or imagine ourselves into the life we want. Anyone who has seen the movie The Secret knows what I’m talking about.   And while I believe in visualisations as an essential step in manifesting what we long for, another, even more key element is action itself.   It seems obvious, but quite often we are blocked to take the action necessary to move towards our dreams.

The Sufi’s, the mystics of Islam, say that for every step we take towards God, he takes two steps towards us.  That is heartening; it means that if we put in a little effort we can potentially manifest the big and beautiful things we dream of.   Of course, not all stages of life call for action, and action can only happen when we are ready and able.  Aimless action is often destructive, and addictive, while intentional action coming from an inner clarity about what we desire and why can be incredibly fruitful.

Jungian analyst Marion Woodman says that “perfection [think about that beautiful rainbow] belongs to the gods; completeness or wholeness is the most a human being can hope for.”

Conscious action, when we are ready and able to take it, can bring us closer to the wholeness we seek.



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