June 2, 2014 § 1 Comment

Of all the things one might be addicted to, nothing tops the greed-laden pursuit of wealth in its audacity, manipulativeness, and gross insensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

Greed is defined as:

“A selfish or excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, especially of money, wealth, food, or other possessions.”

Once greed takes control of the personality, it does not care who it hurts in the process of getting what it “needs”. All things are secondary to that. This is why greed is the hardest on others in one’s life. On an ethical level, the worst thing about their pursuits is that their achievements frequently do considerable damage to others and their prospects.

The final debacle of their pursuit isn’t simply that their monetary accomplishments can’t ever bring them the lasting happiness and peace of mind they secretly crave. It’s that their futile quest generally causes all sorts of misfortune to others…As well as to our environment (which they blithely ignore), and to our nation—whose misregulated capitalistic system regrettably supports their ceaseless avaricious ventures.


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  • Erica F. says:

    True – and especially in the developing world where there are fewer laws and regulations that protect those with no power..

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