I will be keeping track of all the books I read here, and updating this page as I read my way through life,  for your reference and mine.   Many of the books I have read below inspired the writing on my blog on the homepage of this site.

– Love is a Fire, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

– Zen Women, Grace Schireson

– Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller

– Boundaries of the Soul, June Singer

– The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf

–  Addiction to Perfection, Marion Woodman

– The Leaf and the Cloud, Mary Oliver

– Loneliness: Learning to live with Solitude, Emily White

-The Way of the Dream, Louise von Franz (transcribed from interview – online via youtube)

– Boundaries of the Soul, June Singer

– The Meaning of Anxiety, Rollo May

– Courage to Create, Rollo May

– Staying Sane in the Arts, Eric Maisel

– The Selected Poems of Li Po

– Writing for your Life, Deena Metzger

– The Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation, Marion Woodman

– The Ravaged Bridegroom: Masculinity in Women, Marion Woodman

– Bloodroot: Tracing the Untelling of Motherloss, Betsy Warland

– Klee Wyck, Emily Carr

– The Heroine’s Journey, Maureen Murdock

– Dark Night of the Soul, John of the Cross

– Perfection of the Morning, Sharon Butala

– Coyote’s Morning Cry, Sharon Butala

– Love is Letting Go Of Fear, Gerald Jampolsky

– Blue Nights, Joan Didion

– The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

– Small Beneath the Sky, Lorna Crozier

-Return to Love, Marianne Williamson

– Enchanted Love, Marianne Williamson

– A Woman’s Worth, Marianne Williamson

– The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

– A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

– Loving What Is, Byron Katie

– I Need Your Love Is That True?, Byron Katie

– A Thousand Names for Joy, Byron Katie

– Who Would you be Without Your Story, Byron Katie

– When the Past is Present, David Richo

– The Power of Coincidence, David Richo

– Shadow Dance, David Richo

– How to be an Adult in Relationships, David Richo

– How to be an Adult, David Richo

– In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Gabor Mate

– When the Body Says No, Gabor Mate

– The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway

– Calling in the One, Katherine Woodward Thomas

– Zen and the Art of Falling in Love, Brenda Shoshanna

– Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert

– Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert

– Hafiz, Translation by Daniel Ladinsky

– Unless, Carol Shields

– The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

– Floor Sample, Julia Cameron

– Writing for your Life, Deena Metzger

– Midlife Crisis at Thirty,  Lia Macko and Kerry Rubin

– From Loneliness to Love, Phil Nuernberger

– Women who Love too Much, Robin Norwood

– When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron

– Soul Mates, Thomas Moore

– Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore

– Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Carl Jung

– Life After God, Douglas Coupland

– Player One: What is to Become of Us?,  Douglas Coupland

– Generation X, Douglas Coupland

– Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav

– Spiritual Partnership, Gary Zukav

– Revolution from Within, Gloria Steinem

– Gift from the Sea, Anne Morrow Lindbergh

– Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg


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