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Bill C-36

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Meghan Murphy takes another one for Team Awesome:

“Why we care what men who buy sex from vulnerable women think about women’s liberation or gender equality is beyond me because if they had any understanding or concern for women’s human rights and ending patriarchy they wouldn’t be buying sex from prostitutes.”

This is an important time for women’s rights in Canadian law….read her blog post here:

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Of all the things one might be addicted to, nothing tops the greed-laden pursuit of wealth in its audacity, manipulativeness, and gross insensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

Greed is defined as:

“A selfish or excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, especially of money, wealth, food, or other possessions.”

Once greed takes control of the personality, it does not care who it hurts in the process of getting what it “needs”. All things are secondary to that. This is why greed is the hardest on others in one’s life. On an ethical level, the worst thing about their pursuits is that their achievements frequently do considerable damage to others and their prospects.

The final debacle of their pursuit isn’t simply that their monetary accomplishments can’t ever bring them the lasting happiness and peace of mind they secretly crave. It’s that their futile quest generally causes all sorts of misfortune to others…As well as to our environment (which they blithely ignore), and to our nation—whose misregulated capitalistic system regrettably supports their ceaseless avaricious ventures.


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“To be trusted, it is said, is greater than to be loved. In the long run, I am convinced, to be trusted will be also to be loved. Integrity also means avoiding any communication that is deceptive, full of guile, or beneath the dignity of people. “A lie is any communication with intent to deceive,” according to one definition of the word. Whether we communicate with words or behavior, if we have integrity, our intent cannot be to deceive.

— Stephen Covey

The loss of a cabin

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In gratitude to those who care.   Rather than ignore, these people reached out. That made all the difference to me.  Thank you.   This weekend I saw that the entire cabin was completely gone. Felt like being kicked in the stomach. Hard to explain the strangest feeling to see a place you care for completely gone as if it never existed at all, all the memories taken away with it, with no opportunity to grieve.     No goodbyes.  Just gone.

New York City’s oldest taxi driver

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The story of “Spider”…

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You can
die for it–
an idea,
or the world. People

have done so,
their small bodies be bound

to the stake,
an unforgettable
fury of light. But

this morning,
climbing the familiar hills
in the familiar
fabric of dawn, I thought

of China,
and India
and Europe, and I thought
how the sun

for everyone just
so joyfully
as it rises

under the lashes
of my own eyes, and I thought
I am so many!
What is my name?

What is the name
of the deep breath I would take
over and over
for all of us? Call it

whatever you want, it is
happiness, it is another one
of the ways to enter

-Mary Oliver, Sunrise

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International Women’s Day is just a day away!

Safran Films

“Not long ago I attended the funeral of a woman who was born here and who died here well into her old age. She was a rural woman, typical of her generation of rural women, who had worked hard all her life, and was skilled at all the tasks of rural women. She was an ordinary woman; she quarreled with people, she gave unstintingly to others. There was nothing remarkable about her life in any way: she never wrote a book, never had a career, never won a prize, never held a prestigious office, or had any power in the world except as the woman of her family, a power which she underused, if anything. Yet the church was packed and the crowd overflowed into the vestibule and out onto the lawn.

While the minister prayed, I tried to understand why all these people had come to her funeral, why…

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Safran Films

In elementary school, we learn the times tables by heart, through a process of rote recitation.  It doesn’t take long before we know that 5 x 4 equals 20, or 10 x 10 is a hundred.  This knowledge becomes so embodied, that even 10, 20, or 50 years later, the memory of it hasn’t gone away.   It’s the kind of knowledge that lives inside us, like our name, langauge, where we come from, and who we love.

If we stop to think about it, most of what we know to be true about life is based on memory – not just the kind of memory that tells us about a phone call that we need to return, or what’s on the calendar for Saturday night, but memory that makes sense of the world and gives us an identity within it.

There is perhaps nothing more sacred than a memory…

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