To See and Be Seen

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“I guess I told you about myself to a degree, just by telling you about people like me”

— K’naan

My experience is that often times photographers and filmmakers have experienced some form of painful loss or abandonment in life. The art form necessitates connection with the world and can link someone back to the living world in a concrete way. Many photographers, because they have never felt truly part of life, instead become powerful witnesses to it. They become what Peter Gzowski called “a bridge of love for light to pass.” Never fully invested in the conflicts they cover, they can practice objectivity, and become a strong bridge of love rather than the arbritors of right and wrong.

In many ways to be looked at is to be loved. To be seen is to be loved; while seeing the other, we attempt to know him or her. To know is to love.  The documentarian seeks to communicate that a life is worthy of something important and permanent;  she seeks to produce a work of art that has a meaning in time.

Photography and film, I believe, begin at the moment when an artist wishes to break the alienation she feels from life; through filming life she becomes a part of it;  by photographing life, he enters into it.  A camera is an outstretched hand, “grab onto me,” it says, not knowing who needs the other more; does the filmmaker need the subject or does the subject need the filmmaker?

Photography can be the most distilled act of love possible, that which says: I see you, unveiled, without your armour.



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“When you are steadfast in your abstention of thoughts of harm directed toward yourself and others, all living creatures will cease to feel fear in your presence.” ~ Patañjali

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

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The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Writing Desk

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Mary with her Dad, might have even been Father’s Day, circa 1982

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Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

Chair Photo Series — We Should be Held and Be Forgiven

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by Ken Babstock

Awareness was
It sputtered.
And some of the time you were seen asleep.

So trying to appear whole
you asked of the morning:
Is he free
who is not free
 from pain?

It started to rain
a particulate
of flecked grey;
the dogs wanted out
into their atlas of smells;
to pee where before
they had peed,
and might well
pee again –
though it isn’t
a certainty.

What is?
In the set, called Phi,
of all possible
physical worlds
resembling this one,
in which, at time t,
was written
‘Is he free who is not free–‘
and comes the cramp.

Do you want to be singular
onstage, praised,
or blamed?
I watched a field of sun —
 flowers dial their
ruddy faces toward
what they needed
and was good.
At noon they were
chalices upturned,
and I lived in that
same light but felt alone.

I chose to phone my brother,
over whom I worried,
and say so.
He whispered,
lacked affect.
He’d lost my
record collection
to looming debt.
I forgave him —
through weak connections,
through buzz
and oceanic crackle —
without choosing to,
because it was him
I hadn’t lost;
and later cried
myself to sleep.
In that village near Dijon,
Called Valley of Peace
a pond reflected its dragonflies
over a black surface at night,

and the nuclear reactor’s
far-off halo of green light
changed the night sky
to the west.
A pony brayed, stamping
a hoof on inlaid stone.
The river’s reeds
lovely, but unswimmable.
World deth on the event horizon
vigils in candles with cups

I’ve mostly replaced my records,
and acted in ways
I can’t account for.

Cannot account for
what you’re about to do.
We should be held and be forgiven.

Chair Photo Series

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Heroes in the Seaweed

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There are heroes in the seaweed 
There are children in the morning 
They are leaning out for love 
And they will lean that way forever 

-Leonard Cohen, Susanne


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“Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.”

-A Course in Miracles

There is no Loss

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“There is no loss too great or challenge too overwhelming, provided you are anchored in your vision and your values, while following your destiny.”

-Thomas Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul

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